Accepted Papers

The following papers were accepted in the ICCIDA-2022 edition. Currently the proceeding has been submitted to Springer for publication. It is under process.

ID Authors/Title
111Youssef Aboulyousr, Farida Ashraf, Mariam Osama and Hassan Soubra
Priority-based pollution management ITS
126Burak İnner, Raghad Mando and Eylül Özer
Autonomous Mobile Robot Mapping and Exploration of an Indoor Environment
1284Nguyen Quoc Hung and Truong Viet Phuong
Applied Decision Support System using TOPSIS – AHP, and ICT Newhouse indicators for Evaluation of Courses at University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH), Vietnam
131Renjith V Ravi, S B Goyal, Chawki Djeddi and Vladimir Kustov
Medical Image Transmission Using a Secure Cryptographic Approach for IoMT Applications
1466Elif Varol Altay and Osman Altay
Assessment of grey wolf optimizer and its variants on benchmark functions
1504Abdullah Demiray and Murat Bakirci
Pre-Production Design of a Robotic Arm Mounted on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
2222Murat Bakirci and Mecit Cetin
Reliability of MEMS Accelerometers Embedded in Smart Mobile Devices for Robotics Applications
2249Insaf Kraidia, Afifa Ghenai and Nadia Zeghib
HST-Detector: A Multimodal Deep Learning System for Twitter Spam Detection
2333Oben Dag and Oguzhan Nefesoglu
Analysis of Sequence Models for Short Term Load Forecasting
2486Mohammed Khodayer Hassan, Aymen Mohammed Khodayer, Ali Hassan, Omer Mohammed Khodayer Aldulaimi and Maryem Mahmood
Security Issues for Banking Systems
2496Menatalla Elnemr, Hassan Soubra and Mohamed Ehab Sabry
Smart Autonomous Bike Hardware Safety Metrics
2515Tapas Chhual Singh, K Srinivas Rao, Bishwajit Dey and Fausto Pedro García Márquez
Demand side management-based cost-centric solution for a grid connected micro grid-connected microgrid system with Pico-hydro storage system
2860Maksym Shulha, Yuri Gordienko and Sergii Stirenko
Impact of Multimodal Model Complexity on Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy Level
3094Renjith V Ravi, S B Goyal, Chawki Djeddi and Vladimir Kustov
Secure Image Data Encryption Scheme for 5G Internet of Things Applications
3213Elif Meriç and Çağdaş Özer
Symptom Based Health Status Prediction via Decision Tree, KNN, LDA, SVM, and Random Forest
3386Gürtay Sezay GÜrsoy and Mustafa Hikmet Bilgehan UÇar
Multiband Microstrip Elliptical Monopole Antenna Design with Mushroom-Like Loadings for DCS, 5G and Ku-Band Applications
3476Muhammed Mirac Ozer and Murat Bakirci
An IoT-Based Modular Avionics and Electrical System for Nanosatellite Systems
3612Ahmed Mohamed Saad Emam Saad and Beytullah Yildiz
Reinforcement Learning for Intrusion Detection
3857Ekrem Tarık Karan, Zümray Dokur and Tamer Ölmez
Comparison of Small-Sized Deep Neural Network Models for Hyperspectral Image Classification
4917Hakan Hakvar, Cansu Cavuldak, Oğulcan Söyler, Yıldız Karadayı and Mehmet Sıddık Aktaş
Time-Sensitive Embedding for Understanding Customer Navigational Behavior in Mobile Banking
5091Ugurcan Erdogan, Alperen Berk Isildar, Tugba Gurgen Erdogan and Fuat Akal
Do Lunar Cycles Affect Bitcoin Prices?
5133Muhammad Atif Saeed and Akhtar Jamil
Stock Price Prediction in response to US Dollar exchange rate using Machine Learning Techniques
5163Raneen I. Al-Essa and Ghaida A. Al-Suhail
A Service of RSU Communication in Internet of Vehicles (IoV) in Urban Environment
5303Tuğrul Hakan Gençtürk, İsmail Kaya and Fidan Kaya Gülağız
A Comparative Study on Subdural Brain Hemorrhage Segmentation
5825Ahmed Hussein, Didem Kivanc, Hikmat Abdullah and Muntaser Falih
Deep Learning Based on Spectrum Sensing Method for Cognitive Radio System
7191Renjith V Ravi, S B Goyal, Chawki Djeddi and Vladimir Kustov
Colour Image Encryption Based on HACS and Knuth-Durstenfeld Algorithm
7405Muhammet DÜzenlİ, Kerem Salur, Kübra Erat and Pınar Onay Durdu
Turkish Sign Language Recognition by Using Wearable MYO Armband
7434Ece Korkmaz, Ece Kunduracioglu, Tugba Gurgen Erdogan and Fuat Akal
Effects of Different Parameters on Sleep Quality
7436Ümit Dilbaz and Mustafa Özgür Cingiz
Predictive Maintenance on Industrial Data Using Soft Voted Ensemble Classifiers
7608Furkan Oruc, Ismet Yildirim and Gizem Cidal
Volume Forecasting in Supply Chain: A Mixed Study of Boosting and Prophet Algorithms
7708Kritika Sharma and Ravreet Kaur
Blockchain based system for Traceability of Counterfeit Medicine
7960Nourane Laaffat, Ahmad Outfarouin, Walid Bouarifi and Abdelilah Jraifi
A Deep learning model for Breast Cancer diagnosis using mammography images classification
8251Faruk Takaoğlu, Mustafa Takaoğlu, Taner Dursun, Erkan Demirci, Adem Özyavaş, Firas Ajlouni and Naim Ajlouni
Highly Secure and Robust Forensic System: Fordex Forensic Chain
8735Abdullah Zeki and Muhammad Ilyas
Enhancing vehicle networks performance by Using Deep Learning Techniques for Artificial Intelligence
8771Gonca Tokdemir Gökay, Kerem Nazlıel, Umut Şener, Ebru Gökalp, Mert Onuralp Gökalp, Nergiz Gençal, Gizemnur Dağdaş and P. Erhan Eren
What Drives Success in Data Science Projects: A Taxonomy of Antecedents
8955Mona Mosa, Nedaa Agami, Ghada Elkhayat and Mohamed Kholief
Performance Evaluation of Clustering Techniques on a Hybrid RFM-based Scoring Framework
8961İlkay Melek Yazici and Mehmet S. Aktas
A Systematic Literature Review on Data Provenance Visualization
9123Fariha Shaikh, Shafiq-Ur-Rehman Massan, Sania Bhatti, Shafqat Shahzoor Chandio and Muhammad Mujtaba Shaikh
Effects of Online Educational System on Personal Health of Students and Teachers in COVID-19 Crises
9185Semanur Sancar and Meryem Uzun-Per
Testing the Performance of Feature Selection Methods for Customer Churn Analysis: Case Study in B2B Business
9289Mustafa Mohammed Alhassow, Oguz Ata and Dogu Cagdas Atilla
Multi-agents path planning for a mobile robot in a Dynamic warehouse environment
9491Ana Maria Peco Chacón and Fausto Pedro García Márquez
Classification of SCADA alarms and false alarm identification using support vector machine for wind turbine management
9511Srikant Misra, Pratap Kumar Panigrahi, Bishwajit Dey and Fausto Pedro García Márquez
Intelligence Based Approach for Obtaining Trade-Off Solution Between Minimal Pollution and Cost of a Dynamic System
9642Basil Abbas Hasan Hasan and Muhammad Ilyas
9739Renjith V Ravi, S B Goyal, Chawki Djeddi and Vladimir Kustov
Image Cryptography using Fibonacci Bit-plane Decomposition and Quantum Chaotic Permutation